Bioprocol, Bioprocesos of Colombia SAS, is a multidisciplinary team of experts with 15 years of expertise in plant research. In compliance with international Bio Trade and ABS regulations, Bioprocol investigates exotic species that grow in the Colombian Andes. The superfruits from which active ingredients are extracted are nourished by the sun and the rain, cultivated and harvested under conditions of good agricultural practice and protected from chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Combining nature´s processes with the next generation of extraction technologies developed specifically by Bioprocol, results in an exceptional active ingredient, Sopex™ and Solanum Complex® with proven efficacy.

Bioprocol Agro

Bioprocol’s products are born from a harmonious encounter between nature and science, aiming for social and environmental sustainability and conservation.

Bioprocol has a vertical integrated operation system, its own methods to propagate, to crop and to benefit the vegetal raw material, based on good agricultural practices, sustainability, social responsibility, and benefits sharing principles.

We preserve natural resources and do advanced research with plants for drug and multifunctional Phyto-ingredients discovery…

Crops are located in three different edaphoclimatic conditions for Agro and Biological R&D+I

More than 50.000 plants are in the production stage and in the ecological farming process.

Bioprocol Industrial Manufacturing

Bioprocol Industrial and Manufacturing has developed:

š1 plant-derived ingredient for pharmaceutical applications and hi-tech drug discovery for humans and animals. š

4 Product Brands. š

7 standardized laboratory extraction technologies for 7 Colombian endemic plant species. š

Industrial secrets from agro-biotechnological developments.

Process, compositions, and Formulas under PCT  patent at the USA Patent and Trademark Office, European Patent Office (EPO) and Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio in Colombia.



2 super-fruits multifunctional ingredients for cosmetics, cosmeceutical and skincare formulations. š

2 natural bioactive ingredient for medicinal, dermatological and pharmaceutical formulations. š

2 organic and bioactive compounds to formulate products for agricultural systems protection. š

3 formulations for agro protection.

IDONA-Ideas of Nature

IDONA® – Ideas of Nature – is the first wellbeing brand ever registered and commercially launched after following strict sustainability and socially responsible principles. It is paraben-free and dermatologically tested with third-party laboratories in Europe with outstanding anti-aging effects. IDONA results from Bioprocol’s extensive research of Colombian’s biodiversity and ecosystems to bring state of the art healthcare and all-natural beauty products. IDONA contains Solanum Complex® and Sopex